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Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

St. Basil Preschool advocates quality education and the well-being of young children and their families through and the modeling of Christian values. We strive to teach God’s love while sharing hope.

Our Vision Statement

The vision of St. Basil Preschool is one of Christian leadership and quality. We endeavor to inspire others through activism in our community while being advocates for young children.

St. Basil Preschool strives to create coalitions that address common concerns and work collaboratively with allied organizations to address common goals.

St. Basil Preschool’s vision includes all who wish to contribute and encourage those who have not yet participated. St. Basil Preschool values the contribution each person brings to this process.

St. Basil Preschool sets high standards and is known for providing and advocating quality services for children.

St. Basil Preschool supports the professional development of staff working with young children by supplying quality training, materials and membership services on a regular basis.

St. Basil Preschool’s vision includes the availability and accessibility of a quality, developmentally appropriate educational program for all young children. St. Basil Preschool provides leadership in defining standards, quality and developmentally appropriate practice.

Upon departure from St. Basil Preschool students will possess:

  • knowledge of God’s love
  • a positive sense of self
  • empathy for others
  • the ability to work independently and in a group
  • developmentally appropriate gross and fine motor skills
  • developmentally appropriate problem-solving abilities
  • an awareness of and an appreciation for their environment (both natural and within our community)
  • age appropriate receptive and expressive communication skills
  • age appropriate self help skills
  • the ability to transition from home to school with ease
  • a developmentally appropriate understanding of basic pre-kindergarten concepts (shapes, numbers and phonemic awareness)
  • the ability to freely and confidently express themselves through play, music, art and literature.